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October 16, 2013
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October 16, 2013
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Krystal is an electric convection oven designed to bake all types of breads, pastries and Danish products. Available in 4 or 9 trays – 400 x 600 or 400 x 800 – it can be configured with or without steam generator depending on the user’s requirements. As reliable as they are compact, the Krystal convection ovens are well suited for even the most demanding bakeries. Very simple to use, their versatility ensures perfect baking of breads, Danish and buns, and even delicate products such as meringues and macaroons. When mounted on castors, they are easily moved to facilitate cleaning of the bakery.


  • 46.4, 46.9 for 400 x 600 pans
  • 48.4 and 48.9 for 400 x 800 pans
  • Number of decks : 4, 9 or 10 depending on models
  • Useful height of baking chamber :
  • 600 or 800 mm


  • Oven configurable to the baker’s needs
  • Oven stand on castors for easy moving into place
  • Can be mounted on a stand or manual proofbox
  • Deferred startup of the oven
  • 3 years warranty on heating elements
  • May be combined with a modular deck oven Soleo
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