Bongard Major

Tekno Stamap Smart Series
October 12, 2013
Merand Tregor
October 13, 2013
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The Major moulders are designed to mould and lengthen the dough pieces of all types of bread (baguettes, buns, country loaves, etc.). With their variants and options, they can be adapted on a foot, a piece of dough support, a table or an evacuation conveyor and can be perfectly integrated to groups of semi-automatic and automatic intermediate proofers. The machine’s comfort of use is favoured by the regrouping of control and safety functions. Settings are easy using ergonomic handles fitted with indicators. The low noise level (58 dBA) allows work in a calm atmosphere. 


  • Models: 4
  • Dough piece weight: from 80 to 1000g
  • Output: up to 2000 p/h


  • Cast aluminium frame
  • Fired, epoxy painted cladding and in-feed chute
  • ABS casing
  • Grooved belt drive
  • Quiet running
  • Tiltable sheeting belt (model Major Alpha)
  • Right-hand control on standard
  • Electrical control box on Manu and Standard model, optional on Auto
  • Optional left-hand electrical controls, pinning and stretching
  • Supply voltage : 3 PH + N 400 V 50/60 Hz
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Models  Major Manu Major Auto Major Alpha Manu Major Alpha Auto
Possible combination Maxi On stand, table, On RTM intermediate On stand, table Delta 70
RP resting cabinet provers RP resting cabinet ECP intermediate provers
Electrical control Yes Optional Yes Option- Obligatory with
ECP intermediate provers
Dough piece loading Manual Yes No Yes Yes
Automatic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Safety device Touch bar Yes No Yes Yes
In-feed conveyor 450 mm No Yes No No
Dough piece out-feed On trays Yes No Yes No
On out-feed belt No Yes No Yes
Performances 1500 p/h 1800 p/h + 1500 p/h 2000 p/h
Dough piece weight mini to maxi 80 to 1000 g 80 to 1000 g 80 to 1000 g 80 to 1000 g
Motor power 0.55 kW 0.55 kW 0.55 kW 0.55 kW
Power supply 400 V 3PH + N 50 Hz 400 V 3PH + N 50 Hz 400 V 3PH + N 50 Hz 400 V 3PH + N 50 Hz
Dimensions and weight 
Width x depth 1010 x 800 mm 1010 x 1250 mm 1010 x 780 mm 1010 x 780 mm
Height 690 mm 690 mm 690 mm 690 mm
Loading height 1350 mm 1450 mm 1350 mm 1350 mm
Output height 880 mm 940 mm 880 on stand 940 on TE
Net weight 132 kg 150 kg 142 kg 140 kg