Canol Injector Line

Canol Modular Canol Line
October 21, 2013
Canol Laminating Line with Folding Stations
October 21, 2013
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Canol’s Injector Line specializes in filling in automatic cannolo pastries, croissants, brioches, krapfens with a variety of different sorts of creams and jams.
Two filling modes are available- Dot Filling which is suitable for square or round products such as krapfens and saccottinis; Line Filing which is suitable for longer products such as croissants and cannolo pastries.

The line is suitable for small and medium-sized bakeries, artisan laboratories and large confectionery industries.


  • Needles of different diameters
  • Slat conveyor belt in different measurements and shapes, adjustable according to the type of product to fill
  • Heated hopper tank for injecting chocolate
  • Out feed product collec ting conveyor
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Model SIR-V6 SIR-V10 SIR-V12
Number of injecting needles 6 10 12
Production per hour 3600 6000 7200
Max width of the product to be injected 90 mm
Max length of the product to be injected 200 mm
Mode of filling Spot and Line
Quantity of filling for each output 5-60 g
Hopper capacity 50 lt 80 lt 95 lt