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October 19, 2013
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October 21, 2013
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The make-up table Mod.Canol Line is especially designed to produce a large range of puff pastry, yeast dough, Danish pastry, etc. Basic version of make up tables Mod Canol-line are made up of a staninless steel framework supporting a belt driven by a speed change drive unit with which the user selects the speed. Canol-Line can have various optional units which allow the pastry to be processed as the operator requires; the basic structure has been designed so that other units can be fitted at a later date. This feature allows users to mix and match according to their requirements, making the Canol Line an extremely versatile make up table.


  • Electric operated spot-continuous-intermittent auger screw depositor available with 4 and 6 outlets.
  • Pneumatic guillotine unit with electronic synchronization between guillotine and depositor. There is the possibility to put on the guillotine both a cutting blade and a die in order to obtain a large range of cutting and pressed products.
  • Make-up tables are controlled by PLC with programming touch screen with the possibility to memorize and recall programs and parameters of the line.
  • All motors are controlled by electronic speed variators.
  • Our make up tables are available in standard versions with useful width of 600 mm., 800 mm, 1000 mm., 1200 mm and can have different lengths, 4000 mm, 5500 mm, 6500 mm, 7500mm and 8500 mm.
  • The range of Canol accessories allows, using our make up tables, to produce rationally a great choice of quality products at low production costs.
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Technical Data
Conveyor belt width 650 mm
Available conveyor belt length 4000 mm
5500 mm
6500 mm
7500 mm
Belt Speed 0-8 mt/min
Guillotine Cutting Blade
Usable width 580 mm
Min cutting length 10 mm
Number of strokes 120/min
Guillotine Cutting Die
Max die length 200 mm (single)
Max number of strokes 350 mm (double)
Max dough thickness 580 mm
Hopper capacity 50 lt.
Deposit mode Spot
Quantity of filling per outlet Spot 5-60 g