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Bongard Single & Double Rack Ovens
October 14, 2013
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October 14, 2013
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Europa’s Galileo was designed to meet the following requirements: Compact dimensions, functionality and solidity while balancing between the concept of ‘tradition’ and ‘innovation’. The Galileo has been studied to simplify cleaning and maintenance. Together with improved technologies that allow for optimal efficiency, Galileo ovens grant excellent baking results for any type of products.


  • Rotary rack ovens for pastry and bread products, designed both for craft and industrial bakeries, they have been specifically tested for “heavy” non-stop baking cycles
  • New digital control panel with LCD screen. Integrated LED display, 30 programmable settings, also available in the advanced version with 5/10 baking phases and automatic damper
  • New automatic start-up system with 2 daily start and weekly start-up programmer
  • Combustion chamber with 4 turns of fumes that ensures excellent performance and clean fumes emissions
  • Wide double glass on the door granting complete visibility of the product during the baking process
  • Powerful steam generator exclusively patented by Europa, designed and tested for massive steam productions, with very fast recovery times.
  • Available in electric, gas or gasoil versions.


  • Electromechanical control panel
  • Digital control panel with LCD and LED display, 30 programmable settings with 5 or 10 baking phases and automatic damper
  • Revolving platform
  • Motorized automatic rack lifting
  • Two speed fan (high speed for bread and usual pastry, low speed ideal for delicate pastry)
  • Powered heating elements (for electric ovens)
  • Time/temperature display placed on the hood
  • Stainless steel outer panels
  • LPG,gas or gasoil (diesel) burner
  • Baking rack
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