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October 17, 2013
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October 17, 2013
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LineMicro is a line of compact ovens that offer excellent quality and uniformity in baking. The Ovens are designed to support the easy processes of pastry and baking, and to meet the needs of browning of frozen products and baked goods.


AIR.Plus– Air is the medium for the heat transmission and thereafter the means to bake products. The performance of air flow is fundamental to obtain uniformity of baking in all the points of the single  tray and in all the trays. For this reason the air flow inside the chamber plays a leading role in the design of all UNOX LineMicro™ ovens. The AIR.Plus technology has been designed by UNOX to obtain perfect distribution of the air and heat inside the baking chamber. At the end of the baking, thanks to the AIR.Plus technology, foods have a uniform external color and their consistency will remain intact for several hours. The AIR.Plus technology ensures perfect uniformity within every single pan, on all trays, from the top one to the bottom one.

DRY.Plus– The presence of humidity during the last phases of the baking of leavened products can compromise the achievement of the desired result. DRY.Plus technology allows the rapid extraction of the humidity from the baking chamber released by the food. DRY.Plus technology ensures the texture of the baked products, allowing to obtain a dry and well-structured internal structure and a crisp and crumbly external surface.

Baking Essentials– Within the UNOX research applied to the baking process we could not miss particular attention to accessories and equipment needed to increase the versatility of the oven for your everyday use. There is a Baking Essentials solution for each type of product: from croissants to pizzas, from biscuits to a salt cake. The innovative Baking Essentials pans and grids allow the ability to deal with all types of baking, otherwise only possible with additional professional equipment, for example traditional pizza ovens or static pastry ovens.

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Model Capacity Pitch Power Source Electrical Power Dimensions WxDxH Weight
DOMENICA XF043 4 600×400 70 mm 230 V- 1N / 400 V- 3N 5.3 / 3.2 kW 800x472x706 mm 44 kg
ANNA XF023 4 460×330 70 mm 230 V- 1N 3.0 kW 600x472x587 mm 22 kg
ROBERTA XF003 3 342×242 70 mm 230 V- 1N 2.7 kW 480x402x523 mm 16 kg