FoodTools CS-2000

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October 19, 2013
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October 19, 2013
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The CS-2000 is a dual product round cake slicing machine and is capable of cutting a variety of frozen round products.  The machine features dual product holders and fully automatic product positioning, indexing, and Divider Insert feeding.  Dual product holders eliminate lost time loading and unloading products as the machine is continuously slicing product.  A single operators can double production speed by using two machines simultaneously.  Portions will all be a consistent size no matter who is operating the machine. This machine is best for bakeries producing 300 or more products per hour.


  • Achieve a return on investment through labour savings and improved portion quality and consistency
  • Perfectly portion cakes every time
  • Use Divider Inserts for a professional display
  • Reliable and durable equipment backed by manufacturer’s warranty


Speed: 350-450 Products Per Hour
Machine Dimensions: 70″ Tall, 46″ Wide, 45″ Long, 500 Lbs
Power: Compressed Air 8 CFM @ 90 PSI Electric 110V-240V, 1A
Product Size Ranges: 6″-12″ (15-30cm) Diameter Products
Portion Size Ranges: 4-24 Portions
Average Speed: 350-450 products per hour