FoodTools CS-4AAAC

FoodTools Accusonic-10U2SRW-BC Ultrasonic Cake Slicer
October 19, 2013
FoodTools CS-2000
October 19, 2013
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The CS-4AAC is a round cake and pie cutting machine- this model will also portion a variety of frozen or chilled round products. User-friendly operation requires little skill to produce portions in consistent sizes at high production speeds. Divider Inserts are deposited between each wedge in one smooth operation while cutting the slices. This model works well for bakeries producing from 100-150 cakes per hour.


  • Achieve a return on investment through labour savings and improved portion quality and consistency
  • Perfectly portioned cakes every time
  • Automatic Cycle option speeds up cycle time for cakes not using Divider Inserts
  • Divider Inserts can be used to improve the professional look and feel of the product
  • Compact design with wheels makes the machine perfect for locations with large production and limited space
  • Reliable and durable equipment backed by manufacturer’s warranty


Speed: 100-150 Products Per Hour
Machine Dimensions: 54″ Tall, 21″ Wide, 27″ Long, 150 Lbs
Power: Compressed Air 5 CFM @ 90 PSI
Product Size Ranges: 6″-12″ (15-30cm) Diameter Products, 6.5″ (16.5cm)Tall
Portion Size Ranges: 4-24 Portions
Average Speed: 100-150 products per hour