Fortuna Primus

Daub SLIM Continuous Dough Divider
October 11, 2013
König Classic Rex
October 11, 2013
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When producing small bakery goods the dividers and rounders are crucial for the further processing.  The Fortuna Primus is the well-proven dough divider and rounder for quality at its best. It is the dough expert for difficult dough types with long proofing times – from soft Berliner dough to firm pretzel dough. The Fortuna Primus even processes cool doughs or dough, which tends to stick a lot, in a gentle and precise way.

A modular addition to the Primus is the Panning device- the  Fortuna panning device is the ideal solution for placing round dough pieces from the divider and rounder straight upon the baking- or proofing trays. It is particularly easy to use and fits into every bakery- ideally used for the panning of baking trays and all proofing trays with the dimensions 58 x 78 cm, 58 x 98 cm and 60 x 40 cm with intermediate frame. Maintains capacity of 5000 pieces per hour.

Number of pockets 4-pockets 5-pockets 6-pockets
Max hourly output 5300 pcs 6600 pcs 8000 pcs
Weight range  24-60 g 24-60 g 24-60 g
30-70 g 30-70 g 30-70 g
35-80 g 35-80 g 35-80 g
40-100 g 40-100 g 40-100 g
50-125 g 50-125 g  –
60-150 g  –  –
Special weight ranges upon demand
Power Load 1.5 kW