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October 28, 2013
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October 28, 2013
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The first Rex made work considerably easier for bakers without requiring them to alter their traditional processes, craftsmanship and product quality.The launch of this unit marks the beginning of the success story of König. Thanks to consistent and innovative efforts in the field of development, König and its customers achieved a lasting competitive edge, making the company the market leader in processing equipment for rolls and similar products.

The equipment in the Rex series is also leading as regards low maintenance and cleaning costs:

  • The panelling allows for easy access to all key components. All parts that are in direct contact with the dough are equipped with a wear-resistant non-stick coating or made in high-quality plastic.
  • Rex units are nearly maintenance-free. All you need to do from time to time is lubricate the chains and check the oil level. The use of standardised industrial components ensures high availability.
  • The “Futura” version of our Rex machines is equipped with two piston bars of different sizes, catering for large weight range.

Additional specifications and details available upon enquiry