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October 24, 2013
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October 24, 2013
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Merand’s Flexi Lines are compact production lines capable of producing and proofing dough balls ready to be processed. Hourly rate of production ranges from 1500 pcs/hour to 2500 pcs/hour depending on models.

The Flexi Lines are made of the following components:

1 Automatic Divider

  • Open hopper or closed pressurized hopper
  • Simple or double piston

1 Intermediate Proofer

  • The dough balls stay in the same pocket to help towards the proofing of the dough.
  • Number of pockets is variable depending on the hourly rate and the proofing time required.

1 Moulder

1 Reception Belt or Automatic Panning with Trays


  • Tray loader/unloder into the racks
  • Sockets for other moulder or rounder for other breads (toast bread, round breads etc)
  • Dough ball straightener before introduction into the moulder (improves the regularity of the small breads, half baguettes and 1/3 baguettes etc)


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