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October 13, 2013
Bongard BFA Reach-in Retarder Proofer
October 13, 2013
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The Tregor PPR moulder is used to roll and shape dough balls into weights of between 30g to 1450g.


  • Pre-laminating and laminating system between 3 rollers: PPR (Adjustable Progressive Prelaminating.)
  • A gradual laminating for a better shaping (a pre-laminating roller + 2 laminating rollers.)
  • Stretching system between 2 moving belts(machine compact). Good stretching, dough balls make many turns in the machine and are well rolled up.
  • Easy dismantling of the 2 belts within 25 mn, 5 mn for the back belt for easier maintenance, lower intervention costs for the customer and saving of time for the engineer.
  • 2 selectors with timekeepers for adjusting dough laminating and stretching processes. This feature allows for more accurate and reliable adjustments.
  • 7 mm thick woven wool belt for better shaping and better aspect of the shaped dough balls. Good support of the belts during the shaping.

Capacity: 1500pcs/hour
Weight Range: 30g to 1450g
Dimensions (mm): 1000Wx630Dx680H
Power Source:415V 3 phase 10Hz


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