Sanko Compo Series

Europa Edison
October 14, 2013
Shichiyo Nanban Backen
October 14, 2013
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Sanko’s Compo ovens feature an advanced proportional baking control system that allows you to control heat production through variable electricity consumption. It also features steam generators to ensure moisture in finished products. The Compo offers baking flexibility to combine the ovens you want according to your needs, output, and space.


  • Enhanced heating control functions- The new proportional control system gives you continuous step heating control from 0-100% for all your baking needs. You also have complete time control through Compo alone. The holiday setting 24-hour timer function allows you to set and forget, and enjoy your time off with total peace of mind.
  • Steam Generator- The steam generator in the G-unit is now even more efficient. It supplies the optimum level of quality steam for humidified baking to make idea French bread.
  • Program Control- Compo’s in built microcomputer stores all your pre-set bakig programs to give you simple and precise finger-tip selection of right baking settings for the type of bread you are baking.
  • Black Heater- The traditional Sanko black heating system ensures bread and buns are baked to perfection with just the right colour.
  • Ceramic Heater- Sanko has applied their own special technology to new ceramics, material that is attracting considerable attention across a range of fields, for use in our ovens. Far infrared rays radiating from the ceramic panel greatly improves baking efficiency.
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Models TMC-GGG-11 TMC-GCC-21 TMC-CGH-21 TMC-GGC-31
No. of baking pans 400X600mm 6 12 Oven 8 pans, Proofer 32 pans 18
Dimensions mm (WxDxH) 1330x1070x1080 1330x1670x1800 1330x1670x1870 1730x1770x1800
Power 400W 3 phase 400W 3 phase Oven 400W 3 phase 50Hz 15kW 400W 3 phase
50Hz 15kW 50Hz 23kW Proofer 1kW 50Hz 31kW
 Baking Capacity (per hour) Baguette 45-60pcs 60-80pcs 30-40pcs 90-120pcs
English Bread 75-100 loaves 150-200 loaves 100-130 loaves 225-288 loaves
Danish, pastry, buns 300-390pcs 600-780pcs 400-520pcs 900-1170pcs