Sanko Tunnel Oven

Zanolli Synthesis V
October 17, 2013
Bongard BSC
October 17, 2013
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Sanko’s modern and compact continuous baking system with conveyor system. Most suitable oven for fully automated and mass production line.


  • Tunnel Oven features a series of caterpillar conveyors which flows throughout the baking chamber, where the temperature is automatically regulated.
  • The entire in-line production system is fully analyzed in order to present the total baking system. It is designed and manufactured under the theme of “variety & flexibility”.
  • Due to the continuous-variable combustion system and program setting system, the oven has a high reputation as user-oriented to operate the in-line production system.
  • Models are available in electric and gas. The forced convection air system, which is convenient for loaf-baking, is also available as an option.

Sanko Tunnel Oven Layout