Shichiyo Nanban Backen

Sanko Compo Series
October 14, 2013
Sveba Dahlen Classic Deck Oven
October 14, 2013
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Thorough research into the construction with high quality insulation materials and introduction of an innovative manufacturing process has resulted in the highly efficient Nanban Backen Deck Oven. Shichiyo has introduced their patented technology to allow for focused yet even heating within each of the decks which mean finer control of temperatures to produce evenly baked products.

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Model BKS-F43Y
Capacity 4 tray/deck
 3 decks
External dimensions Height 1679 mm
Width 1725 mm
Depth 1228 mm
Internal dimensions Chamber Height 210 mm
Width 1240 mm
Depth 880 mm
Power 415V 3Ph 22.5kW
Heating Capacity 19.35 kcal/h
Weight 1350 kg