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October 14, 2013
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October 16, 2013
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The V-series is reliable and powerful, built to be easy and safe to use. The ovens are designed to meet the highest standards of operational reliability. Together with the IBS (Increased Baking Surface), the ovens also feature Sveba Dahlen’s Cascad steam system which provides a powerful supply of steam in a short time. The V-series available in three basic sizes, with up to four racks in the oven chamber, and can be delivered with many different options to fit the customer demands. The ovens of the V-series are designed to meet the highest standards of operational reliability. All materials and components are of high quality and are sourced from the leading suppliers on the market. The ovens are tested and approved in accordance with the requirements imposed by the market. In addition, each oven is tested for proper function before it leaves the factory.

Features and Benefits:

  • Three basic sizes. Adaptable to most bakeries.
  • Strong insulation. Ensures that the heat stays in the oven chamber.
  • Stainless steel inside and out. Maintains low temperature and is easy to keep clean.
  • Large front window with heat-reflecting glass and good lighting. Gives a good overview of the baking process.
  • Can be run on electricity, oil or gas. High quality Bentone or Weishaupt burners are avilable with gas and oil fired ovens.
  • Large, efficient heating package. Fast heating and energy-saving.
  • Right hand hinged door with double glazed window. Easy to open and overview.
  • Including suspension hook. (except V50-1-2)


  • Rotating platform- Thanks to the low and long access ramp it is easy to push the racks into and out of the oven. It is made entirely of stainless steel. Standard on V52
  • Fully assembled oven- Delivery of a fully assembled oven reduces start-up time
  • Frequency converter for fans- The speed of the fan is controlled by a frequency converter to obtain the required high or low volume of air
  • Automatic rack lifting device- A hydraulic device is provided for lifting the rack above the oven floor by means of an axial hook. With this option you don’t have to push the rack up a ramp or hook, you simply push the rack onto the 3mm thick floor and the rack is picked up and starts to rotate. When the bake is done it automatically lowers the rack down onto the floor so it’s easily removed from the oven. Not available on V52
  • AES, Automatic Evacuation System- The AES system improves the working environment at the bakery. A fan expels warm air and steam from the oven chamber every time when the door is opened.
  • Slow start- Smooth and gradual acceleration of the rotation of the rack when baking products sensitive to vibrations. Standard on V52
  • Heavy duty platform/turntable- For very heavy loads
  • Left-hinged door- Provides effective and flexible use of the bakery space
  • Canopy- A large and solidly constructed canopy of stainless material. Effectively collects steam and fumes when the oven door is opened.
  • Canopy with exhaust fan- Canopy equipped with a fan for improved expulsion.
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