Unifiller Cake Finishing Center

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October 17, 2013
Unifiller Cake-O-Matic
October 18, 2013
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The Cake Finishing Center, a unique cake decorating equipment, is your all in one machine that can top and side ice your round cakes and quickly add beautiful borders such as shells or rosettes.

Run: Single twisted star, swirl rosette, custom pack configuration – 6 pack 2×3, 12 pack 4×3

Capacity: Single color, double icing color and combination colors


  • Top and side ice round cakes then top decorate with one machine
  • Add top shell borders automatically
  • Top rosette decorating with custom built head
  • Complete cake icing, decorating and finishing machine
  • Automatically adjusts top and side icing mechanism to suit icing consistency
  • The Advanced Icing Control System allows personalized settings for various styles of cakes to be stored in the on-board computer using touch screen controls. This system can also automatically monitor and adjust for changes in icing consistency- batch to batch
  • Allen-Bradley controller and panel view touch screen display, mounted in an all-stainless steel NEMA-4X control box (store up to 20 different recipes in memory)
  • Cake Touch-Up Function Button
  • Telescopic height adjustment mechanism for quick and easy fine-tuning of deposit height


  • Can finish a cake on one single station
  • The advanced icing control system automatically monitors and adjusts for changes in icing consistency from batch to batch
  • On-board computer using touch-screen controls can store recipes for various styles of finishing


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