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October 18, 2013
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October 18, 2013
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Model: Econo, Max and Powerlift
Power: Air / Electric
Air: Econo/PL: 4 CFM @ 100psi Max: 4-12 CFM @ 80psi
Run: Up to 1″ (25 mm) cube soft fruit or similar.
Volume: Econo/PL: 3 – 13 US gallons/min. (11 – 49 liters). Max: 16 – 21 US gallons/min. (60 – 79 liters).

The Unifiller Hopper Topper is designed to directly draw and deposit flowable products from a mixing bowl, pail or other containers. The Hopper Topper transfer pumps will help keep your production flowing smooth 24/7. With our gentle pumping technology, your product will be quickly transferred without sacrificing quality.


  • Uses gentle pumping technology that is similar to hand scooping
  • Fill hoppers direct from the mixing bowl
  • Automatic level sensor helps maintain product level in hopper
  • Pump everything from smooth to chunky to thick — gentle and fast!
  • Maintains product integrity
  • Power Lift has telescopic lifting mechanism / Economy has easy manual lift


  • Pump and deposit products directly to fill buckets, bags, pans and other containers by using our elevation-lift technology
  • An extremely gentle process of transferring the product by simulating “hand scooping” rather than just suction
  • Manually portion to desired level
  • Fits most mixing bowls, including AMF-Glen 340 quart bowls
  • Able to perform non-stop production; no lifting required
  • Easy cleaning – No Tools Required
  • Power Lift feature allows for easy changing of mixing bowls


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