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October 14, 2013
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October 14, 2013
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Citizen ovens are the result of years of tests and research. Designed and realized according to the most up-to-date projecting and construction standards, these ovens are manufactured in stainless steel and are available in two different versions: electric and gas-fired. The baking surface of the Citizen ovens is in a special refractory material to enable a proper diffusion of the heat. Thanks to this characteristic, these ovens are particularly suitable to bake pizza directly on the refractory stone or in baking trays.  Citizen electric ovens are available in different sizes and can be delivered both as a twin-chamber baking unit and as in single deck version.

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Baking Unit Dimensions AXBXH (cm) Pizzas Weight (kg) Max temperare Power (kW)
External Internal
Citizen 6+6/MC 137x103x71.5 105x70x16 6+6 (ø30) 248 400°C 8.8+8.8
Citizen 9+9/MC 137x138x71.5 105x70x16 9+9 (ø30) 310 400°C 11.2+11.2


Bases Dimensions AXBXH (cm) Weight (kg)
Citizen 6+6/MC 137x91x94 50
Citizen 9+9/MC 137x126x94 50