Zanolli Synthesis V

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October 17, 2013
Sanko Tunnel Oven
October 17, 2013
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Zanolli’s Synthesis V is the first ventilated tunnel conveyor oven to be patented in Italy. With a wide range of applications- from bakery to pastry to pizza, the Synthesis V is versatile and easy to operate. All Synthesis V baking ovens are stackable, therefore allowing double to triple the production capacity in the same space. The technology used in Synthesis V tunnel ovens makes better use of the air flow around the product. As opposed to a standard convection ovens, where the air flow hit the products from one direction, in Synthesis V ovens the products are hit by small hot air jets directed from the top downwards and from the bottom upwards. With this system the hot air jets wrap around the product, while it moves on the wire-mesh at a constant speed (to give the necessary baking time). Products are always perfectly baked time after time. The system brings out the taste and keeps the product’s fragrance longer, ensuring that the product’s quality lasts longer.


  • Output- The automatic belt drive allows working times to be set perfectly.
  • Energy Savings- Easy access makes for trouble-free use of the oven even by unskilled personnel. The precise setting of temperature and time at the beginning of the baking cycle gives perfect results, without the needs for continual supervision.
  • Ergonomy- The finished products can be easily removed from the conveyor belt by the baker.
  • Versatility- Synthesis ovens can be used to bake numerous different products.
Dimensions AXBXH (cm) Base Dimensions Weight (kg) Max temperare Power (kW)
External Internal Gas kW (Kcal/h) Electric kW
Electric 126x175x49 50x85x10 104x85x58 180 320°C 13.8+0.44
Gas 126x175x49 50x85x10 104x85x58 200 320°C 13.9-(12.000) 0.44


Italian Pizza Baking Time (min) No. Pizza/hour
20 (145 gm) 3.5-4 135-120
25 (230 gm) 3.5-4 90-80
30 (330 gm) 3.5-4.5 60-50